dns in dhcp

Adalberto acosta at ufpe.br
Fri Apr 24 17:10:04 UTC 2009

Simon Hobson,
my network has a dns that is down from time to time, so I tell the two dns 
thank you.
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> Adalberto wrote:
>>What I really want to know was, if a Windows machine that can not connect 
>>to server dns 150.161.xy, he will use the next dns 150.161.qz 
> I believe so - I believe the default action is that it will attempt to use 
> the first server in the list, and when it find it doesn't respond, it will 
> put it to the bottom of it's list.
> BUT, why give a client a server it can't reach ? That's just inviting 
> trouble.
> Or is this more a question of "what happens if the server at 150.161.xy 
> goes down ?"
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