Excluding a class from matches...

David McKen dmlmcken at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 22:30:17 UTC 2009

Good Day list,

I am looking to do the following:
1. For all macs whose prefix do not begin with 12:34:56 do not match /
give an ip.
2. For specific macs (list is coming from a database so can be
provided via subclass or group I guess) put them in a specific subnet
3. For all other macs matching criteria #1 put them in subnet #2.

If I drop requirement #2 I can do this quite easily via classes.
class "DeviceType" { match if substring ( hardware, 1, 3 ) = 12:34:56; }

and apply the class to the subnet desired.

I am a bit lost as to how to do this with requirement #2 in place
which is to put certain devices in a special "holding" network until
they can be dealt with.

Was looking for some line that would allow me to say " if not in
'someclass' " as I could use this to prevent the macs from #2 from
matching the "global" matches.

Came across something called "execute based class matching" from the
mailing lists. I am a bit fuzzy as to how this works but it may be
what I'm looking for. Can anyone shed some light on how this works?

David McKen

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