dhcp log message

Mike Diggins mike.diggins at mcmaster.ca
Wed Aug 5 17:28:16 UTC 2009

Sorry to be a pest, but does anyone know what is generating this message 
in my DHCP logs? I found one reference that said it was a debug message, 
but it doesn't make it clear to what client it's referring to. If it is a 
normal DEBUG message, I'm not sure why it's appearing now, and not with my 
previous version of DHCPD.


On Fri, 31 Jul 2009, Mike Diggins wrote:

> I rebuilt one of my DHCP servers earlier this week. Once completed I copied 
> the dhcpd.leases file over to it, so that it could carry on. The new server 
> has a different IP address than the original. I'm using the ISC DHCP server 
> that comes with RHEL, and it got a slight upgrade to V3.0.5-RedHat. I believe 
> it was 3.0.1 before. I have noticed several of these messages in my log file. 
> It doesn't appear to be causing any trouble - dhcp seems to work, but what 
> does it mean?
> dhcpd: data: "leased-address" configuration directive: there is no lease 
> associated with this client.

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