trouble compiling 4.1.0p1

Ruben Laban r.laban at
Fri Aug 7 11:22:34 UTC 2009

On Friday 07 August 2009 at 09:07 (CET), Chris Buxton wrote:
> I'm having a devil of a time compiling DHCP 4.1.0p1 on Ubuntu Linux.  
> It's a stock install of Ubuntu 9.04 (32-bit). The toolchain is the  
> standard for this distro version, based around gcc-4.3.3.
> Here's what I'm executing:
>      ./configure \
>          --prefix=/usr \
>          --sysconfdir=/etc \
>          --localstatedir=/var \
>          --with-srv-lease-file=/var/dhcp4/dhcpd.leases \
>          --with-srv6-lease-file=/var/dhcp4/dhcpd6.leases \
>          --with-cli-lease-file=/var/dhcp4/dhclient.leases \
>          --with-cli6-lease-file=/var/dhcp4/dhclient6.leases
>      make

I ran into this as well. After lots of searching on google I found the 
following solution/workaround:

CFLAGS="-D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure --your-params

This results in a successful built for me. Been meaning to give it a try to 
package it for Debian/Ubuntu, but haven't had the time yet.


Ruben Laban
Systems and Network Administrator
ISM eCompany

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