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Blake Hudson blake at ispn.net
Tue Aug 18 21:54:43 UTC 2009

>> If your clients can live with some downtime (remember, this will only
>> affect *new* clients which don't already have a lease), you can shut
>> down everything and move it all in one go.
> wouldn't that cause IP conflicts, as the new infrastructure wouldn't
> know the old leases?

Yes it would. Shortening your lease times prior to the switch may lessen 
the impact, but you'd still have ip conflict issues for the duration of 
your lease times even with the ping check enabled.

I think your plan sounds very well thought out. However, I don't have 
enough experience in that type of migration to say whether it will work 
or not.

Another way to go about things is to shutdown C/D, update helper 
addresses to A/B/C/D, shutdown A/B, copy the leases file to C/D, start 
C/D, update helper addresses to C/D. This also involves some amount if 
downtime/impact while you copy the leases file and start C/D. However, 
this should be minimal. You can also test if the leases file from A/B 
will work on C/D in advance - It should assuming the same or later 
version of DHCPD.

It also seems a simpler and more isolated transition because you are not 
modifying the config of a working setup to get to your new setup. You 
can also revert to the old setup quickly should you encounter a problem.

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