multiple subnets same ddns zone

Terry L. Inzauro tinzauro at
Fri Aug 28 16:02:36 UTC 2009

Simon Hobson wrote:
> Glenn Satchell wrote:
>>  >Should the zone definitions get defined inside the subnet or do they
>> get placed
>> in the global scope?
>> Whether you have one subnet or many, you only need one declaration for
>> each zone, and that should typically be in the global scope.
> Just to add to that, you are NOT defining zones as 'attached' to any
> specific subnet. If you don't use key-based updates security then you
> don't even need any zone definitions (assuming your DNS setup is not
> broken) as the DHCP server will use (IIRC) the SOA record to identify
> the master to send updates to.
> ddns-domainname sets the forward zone used for updates, and as Glenn
> says, the defaults should normally work for reverse (PTR) updates.
> The zone definitions are only required (in the global scope) to provide
> two bits of information : the key, and the server to send updates do.
> As an aside, does the server need to be specified ? Eg, is it sufficient
> to have :
> zone {
>   key <key>;
> }
> and have dhcpd determine the master automatically ?

Perfect. Thank you for the clarification.  With your gracious help, all is working fine.  the issue ended up being:

bind config needed quotes for the tsig key
dhcpd did not need quotes for the tsig key

it also seemed after i used nsupdate to manually update a forward and reverse zone, the rest of my zones started updating
shortly after...indeed odd.

best regards,


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