How would I do this?

E Johnson ej.isc at
Tue Feb 10 21:54:22 UTC 2009

Sorry for the vague subject line.

I have 2 situations that I am wondering if the DHCP Server can help me 
deal with.

First of all, I am a rookie.

Situation 1...

I have a notebook user who can connect to the network by way of wireless 
or wired.  Sometimes he thinks he is having a problem with the wireless 
connection and plugs in the wired connect, then of course nothing works.

Is it possible for the DHCP Server to refuse to give an IP when one or 
the other client already has one?  If he is connected wirelessly, then 
the wired connection will not get an IP or vice versa.

Situation 2...

I have a notebook user who is a little technologically challenged.  When 
she would travel outside the office we would have files that she needs 
placed on her desktop or in My Documents folder.  So we have shortcuts 
for these network shares.  The notebook user is able to connect to the 
office network either by wireless or wired connection.

Is it possible to tell the DHCP Server to give her the same IP when she 
is connected by wire or wirelessly?  That way, we can use the same 
network shortcuts to her all the time.

I hope that I am making sense through all this.

Eric Johnson

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