Using omshell to set multiple fixed addresses for a host object (in 3.0.7)

Steve van der Burg steve.vanderburg at LHSC.ON.CA
Tue Feb 17 16:24:45 UTC 2009

I currently use omshell to create, edit and delete host objects on a pair of 3.0.7 servers.  It all works very well, but now I have the requirement to support multiple fixed addresses (on different networks) for a host.

In omshell, if I try

  set ip-address=,

I get an error about the "set" command only supporting "variable=value".

If I try

  set ip-address=","

it appears to work, but omshell pushes the bytes for the characters in the string to the server, resulting in a host object with a lot of IP addresses that I don't want (because they're actually related to the string).

I cracked open omshell.c, read for awhile, and then tried

  set ip-address=01:02:03:04:01:02:03:05

and it worked.  The host object looks like

   host testhost1 {
     hardware ethernet 0a:0b:0c:01:02:03;

While I am happy to have found a way to make this work, my question is: Is there a better, supported way to do this through omshell?



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