host-identifier with IPv6

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at
Fri Feb 27 00:39:57 UTC 2009

I can't see how I can use DHCPv6 without being able to match on Hardware address.  All our v4/v6 data is in a database and the DHCP configs are built programmatically.  If I can't use the only unique quantity I have to identify a host, I can't see how I can use DHCP at all.

Currently, my dual stack servers are using DHCP for v4 and I have had to statically config v6.  Not ideal.  The whole point of DHCP was to allow me to change the clients config without needing to edit files.

So, unless someone has a better idea, please expose the mac-address so that it can be used to identify a client.

PS: What have other implementations done.  This issue cannot be solely an ISC problem.


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