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On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 06:17:48PM -0500, Frank Sweetser wrote:
> I've never worked on a draft, but I'd certainly be willing to whatever I 
> can help out on this issue.

Modern technology has made it far easier to write an I-D than maybe it
should be.  The proof is that even I can do it (and have).  No doubt,
this is a strong argument for making it harder.

I'd start here;

You want the experimental 1.34pre3 download because of fun and games
being played right now with copyright boilerplate text.  You really
don't want to know.

Have a read over RFC 3315 section 9 and think up what you want to
say.  Subscribe to the DHCWG mailing list, check out the ID checklist
and nits tool online (, internet drafts).

> The lack of visibility of the sending HW 
> address (which basically makes every machine more or less anonymous) means 
> that a bunch of our workflows don't work over IPv6.  Based on the number of 
> requests I've seen on the list looking to ignore the DHCPv4 client 
> identifier in favor of the HW address, I'd bet that we're not the only site 
> to feel that way.

There actually was some discussion about this, now that I recall, but
it was ages ago.  The idea was to add a hardware address option, and
maybe have the relay agents insert it, but it didn't get a lot of

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