Failover woes with restarts of 4.0.0

Dean, Barry B.Dean at
Wed Jan 7 11:10:44 UTC 2009

>On Tue, Jan 06, 2009 at 11:14:53AM +0000, Dean, Barry wrote:
>> Soon after doing an update, both servers stopped answering requests. They were doing housekeeping and processing 
>>incoming packets (seen with truss), but not sending any ACKs etc.
>> Why?
> If the servers are receiving but not answering DHCPREQUEST messages, the reason should be syslogged (to the right of 
> the usual DHCPREQUEST log line).

It just happened again on one of my slaves just after an update and the last thing it said was:

Jan  7 10:56:13 slave dhcpd: [ID 702911] DHCPREQUEST for aaa.bbb.66.156 from 00:14:38:8b:00:8f via e1000g2: lease unavailable.
Jan  7 10:56:13 slave dhcpd: [ID 702911] DHCPNAK on aaa.bbb.66.156 to 00:14:38:8b:00:8f via e1000g2

That IP is in the dynamic range which starts at 66.100 upto 66.220. This is a new building and staff are in the process of moving in..

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