Host declaration for multiple hardware interfaces and multiple networks

Apu apu at
Fri Jan 9 20:28:29 UTC 2009

Is there a suggested configuration/best practice for a host declaration
where the host could be found on more than one network, and may have
more than one network adapter?

We have devices in three different databases depending on who owns it.
However, not all of the databases distinguish between a wired or
wireless NIC, and some devices may have more than one wired or wireless
adapter so there is no guarantee which one the client will use to connect.

In addition, the client can connect to one of a number of different
VLANs, for a variety of reasons.  So, I need a way to write the host
declarations to account for all of the combinations.

For example, host "PID02928" might connect using 00:13:02:5f:26:83 or
00:0e:7b:ff:7a:dd and, depending on which VLAN the request comes from,
should be given an address of,, or

Do I really need eight host declarations to cover all the combinations
(and a corresponding increase in host declarations if there is another
network adapter or another network added) or is there someway to combine
all of this into fewer host declarations?

As far as I can tell, each host name can have at most one
"fixed-address" and one "hardware ethernet" parameter but maybe I'm
missing something obvious.

Apu <apu at>

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