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Wed Jan 14 01:34:05 UTC 2009

I am useing ISC 4.1.0 and i am tring to set up my dhcpd.conf file. I work for a IPTv provider and we are going to use it for our STB network. The STB will request an ip address from the dhcpd server via but we want the STB to get and we will be seting up 25 netorks the same way. In our old dhcpd.conf file we set it up like the example below and it will work on this dhcp server in this is the only class, shared network and subnet set up on it. As soon as we add another network it will pull address from the first one. We change the class name on each network and match the allow statment in the ip pool to that class name. is there a limit to how many shared networks you can add on a conf. file? If anyone has a simular setup as we do can you send a example of how you did it. we have about 5000 STB's that will pull a lease from this server so if there is a better way of doing this please reply to this email.

class "Occam_PineAcres_Video"
 match if (binary-to-ascii (10, 8, ".", packet(24,3)) = "10.5.0") and (suffix(option Agent.circuit-id, 1) = "6");
 default-lease-time 43200;     # 12 hours
 max-lease-time 43200;         # 12 hours

shared-network Occam

subnet netmask

###Occam Pine Acres/video###

 subnet netmask {

 option broadcast-address;
 option subnet-mask;
 option routers;
 option domain-name-servers,;
 option root-path "US/Central";
 option time-servers;
 option ntp-servers;
 pool {
 allow members of "Occam_PineAcres_Video";

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