Failover & redundancy setup...

David McKen david.mcken at
Thu Jan 15 15:09:10 UTC 2009

Hi guys,

I work for a wireless ISP. We are in the process of converting our 
network to use DHCP and honestly ISC DHCP works great.

We are setting up a redundant server which I originally planned to use 
anycast to provide easy redundancy. However for failover it requires a 
split or hba command to decide who answers the query which means both 
have to receive it.

This is not much of a problem it is just that our 2 server farms are 
relatively far apart and i was planning to route requests to the closest 
one to minimize latency and only failover to the further server if the 
closer one died.

I am currently using 3.1.1 (latest stable in gentoo's package system) 
and thus far searching through the change logs this behavior hasn't 
changed since.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

David McKen

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