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How did you get the software for the 130 and do you still have it. Our
salesman said this box has no software on it and we need to load it to our


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This is what I am using


class "AmiNET130 mboot"
  match if (option vendor-class-identifier="aminoAMINET130mboot<bootrom
version>") or
           ((substring(option vendor-encapsulated-options, 2,
            and (substring(option vendor-encapsulated-options, 13,

  vendor-option-space AMINO;
  option AMINO.address;
  option AMINO.port 11111;

class "AmiNET130 upgrd"
  match if (option vendor-class-identifier="Aminoaminet130upgrd") or
           ((substring( option vendor-encapsulated-options,2,9)="aminet130")
            and (substring( option

  vendor-option-space AMINO;
  option AMINO.address;
  option AMINO.port 11111;

class "AmiNET130 fisys"
  match if (option vendor-class-identifier="Aminoaminet130fisys") or
           ((substring( option vendor-encapsulated-options, 2,
            and (substring(option vendor-encapsulated-options, 13,
  vendor-option-space AMINO;
  option AMINO.middleware;
  option AMINO.mw_port 4545;


On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Matt Faggione <mattf at> wrote:

Has anyone setup an Amino 130 on their dhcpd.conf file If so can you tell me
what the VCI are for Minerva middleware? 

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