Host declaration for multiple hardware interfaces and multiple

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I administer a lab full dual-homed hosts that get static assignments via DHCP.  My entries look like this:

host rtp909185 { hardware ethernet 00:80:17:84:61:DA; fixed-address; option host-name "rtp909185"; }
host ib1sol909185 { hardware ethernet 00:00:5a:9a:51:78; fixed-address; }
host rtp909186 { hardware ethernet 00:80:17:84:61:A4; fixed-address; option host-name "rtp909186"; }
host ic1sol909186 { hardware ethernet 00:00:5a:9a:38:18; fixed-address; }
host rtp909187 { hardware ethernet 00:80:17:84:62:06; fixed-address; option host-name "rtp909187"; }
host i71sol909187 { hardware ethernet 00:00:5a:9a:2e:fc; fixed-address; }

In dhcpd.conf land, 'host' is not to be confused with 'host-name'.


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> As far as I can tell, each host name can have at most one
> "fixed-address" and one "hardware ethernet" parameter but maybe I'm
> missing something obvious.

    A host can definitely have more than one "fixed-address". The trick
is to include all of the addresses in a single declaration.

	host whatever {
	    hardware ethernet 0:1:2:3;4:5;

The server will use an address appropriate to where the request came
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