Multiple subnets with relays

Jessica Meyer jessmeyer82 at
Mon Jan 19 08:18:24 UTC 2009

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your answer.

> Congratulations, your config is just what you need (apart from adding
> a few options like routers etc). The rest is automagic - the server
> spots that the GIAddr (Gateway Interface Address) field is filled in
> and uses it to determine which subnet (or shared network) the client
> is connected to.

Glad I'm on the right way, _BUT_, as you can see, I've set a
shared-network for and, but how does DHCPD know to
give out IPs from this two networks?? I know that if a request comes
from, DHCPD gives out an address of the range (in
this case, from to But what I want is that, if
the first range has no more addresses, DHCPD also gives out addresses
from the network (even if the relay is Hope I
could explain it.

In the end, I will create some shared-networks, but I want to know
where I can set explicitely which relays get which ranges etc.


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