Mapping a MAC to an IP...

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My understanding is that you have to "break" the range to add host

This, to me, is the biggest pain I have with DHCP in a a production
environment.  What could be a nice general range declaration, with some
hosts entries turns into a bunch of broken up and hard to dissect range
declarations with hosts declarations sprinkled throughout.  for 5
entries, it's no biggie, but when putting in 50 or 60 hosts into a /24
there are a lot of lines. Multiply that by a few /24's and maintenance
gets to be quite difficult at times.


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Bill Campbell wrote:

> You need host entries in the dhcpd.conf file, something like:
> host {
> 	hardware ethernet 00:c0:f0:4b:cf:fb;
> 	fixed-address;
> }

Hey, speaking of that ... do I need to "break" the range in which a
IP" resides?   I've been doing this type of thing within a 'subnet' 
container, but wonder if there is a better or more expected way of doing
that.  Or do I even have to bother?


  host gumshoe. { hardware ethernet 00:00:00:xx:xx:xx; fixed-address; }


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