Mapping a MAC to an IP...

E Johnson ej.isc at
Thu Jan 22 18:48:36 UTC 2009

Chuck Anderson wrote:
 > It depends.  If you mean to reserve a fixed-address for a client in a 
subnet, then you use a host statement (declared outside all subnet 
blocks).  fixed-addresses are handled separately in the server and do 
not follow the normal lease lifecycle nor are they stored in the 
dhcpd.leases file.  This is the traditional way to make sure a client 
gets a specific address all the time in the ISC dhcp server, and you 
must manually make sure any pool's range statements don't include the 
fixed-addresses in the range.

This is exactly what I was wanting to do.

The discussion resulting from this question shows me that I need a good 
reference manual so that I can learn the correct syntax.

Could you please give me an example what the statement would look like 
and could you recommend some good reference material so I could learn 
proper syntax.


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