Tracking IP-Usage

Anders Rosendal anders at
Sat Jan 24 07:19:44 UTC 2009


I'm looking at creating a script that will parse the dhcpd-logfile and
create start / stop records for when a IP is leased, and when a IP lease
has expired or an IP release message is received from the client.

The reason for this is to create a simple log of which customer had a
specific IP at a specific time. The log is what will be saved a couple
of years for abuse purposes. Customer im my case is a port in a switch
which is extracted from the option-82 fields.

Log would contain lines like:


Jan 23 18:23:09 2009 START Fa0/

Jan 24 08:17:12 2009 STOP Fa0/


The first question is, have this been done before in some manner?


When parsing the log it would be a world of difference if the actual
dhcp-logfile would contain logentries for when an IP-lease is expired.


Is it possible to configure the dhcpd 3.0.6 to generate a logmessage
when IP-leases expire, and the IP is considered "free"?


Regards Anders Rosendal

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