omshell format error in hardware-address output

Matthias Stenke Matthias.Stenke at
Wed Jan 28 08:53:40 UTC 2009

We operate dhcpd as a component of a web authentication system for about
2000 users and use omshell for performance reasons to get the MAC/IP
pair for a specific client (we have short lease times and parsing the
dhcpd.leases simply takes too much time in our case). 


I have just encountered a strange behavior of omshell (Version 3.0.7)
with one of the clients which uses a locally set mac address
(66:55:44:33:60:40). The lease data which is print out is wrong
formatted: The hardware-address should be printed out in the usual
format as 66:55:44:33:60:40, but omshell prints out "fUD3`@" (including
the quotes). Obviously the six bytes of the hardware address are
converted to ASCII characters and quoted. I have seen this so far only
with this specific mac address.


I hope someone can take a look at this. Many thanks in advance!


Here is the input/output of omshell:




new "lease"

set ip-address = <client ip>



omshell output:


ip-address = <deleted>

state = 00:00:00:02

dhcp-client-identifier = 01:66:55:44:33:60:40

client-hostname = "DUMMY"

subnet = 00:00:00:07

pool = 00:00:00:08

hardware-address = "fUD3`@"

hardware-type = 00:00:00:01

ends = 49:7f:87:17

starts = 49:7f:86:63

tstp = 49:7f:87:71

tsfp = 49:7f:87:71

atsfp = 49:7f:87:71

cltt = 49:7f:86:63




Best regards,




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