dhclient didn't wait for dhcpoffer

Jeff Haran jharan at Brocade.COM
Tue Jun 2 20:47:38 UTC 2009

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> Hi,
> I've got a small problem. I'm having a problem with some clients,
> sometimes getting an address in the 169.254 range instead of 
> 172.16/16,
> which is what I'm using. Today, it happened to my own 
> station, so I have
> a log of it. For some reason, the client didn't wait for the server
> answer. The logs below show what happened. I'm trying to figure what
> happened, but couldn't understand.

Maybe you know this already, but that 169.254 address is in the range
for IPv4 zero-conf addresses.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeroconf

Beats me why a DHCP server would offer this in the first place though.
This address range is intended for nets without DHCP servers.

Jeff Haran

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