Client identifier Option

pat patkumar82 at
Wed Jun 3 10:35:31 UTC 2009


   we implemented the client identifier option and working fine also,

Class “abc”

{ match if substring (option dhcp-client-identifier, 6, 12) =”\” ;}



Allow members of “abc”;

Range dynamic-bootp;

Default-lease-time 21600;

Max-lease-time 43200;


i get lease also

Lease {

Starts 5 2009/05/29 18:13:11;

Ends 6 2009/05/30 00:13:11;


Uid “test at”;



But the problem is identifying the various address allocation classes in the
server using a substring match at character postions will cause problems
with variable length user names. Is there a way to match anything after
the "@"? using a regular expression, maybe?

can anyone guide me how to solve this

my domain is of fixed length i.e


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