Loren M. Lang lorenl at north-winds.org
Wed Jun 10 08:35:22 UTC 2009

We have recently setup a L2TP VPN server running Ubuntu Linux at our
company.  Currently, the VPN clients do not get configured with some of
the extra information that PPP is unable to supply (such as the domain
name) and I don't want to manually configure this information.  I
noticed that after Windows XP/Vista establish the PPP connection to the
L2TP server, they send a DHCPINFORM request to, however
the DHCP server running on the same box does not see them.  There is
nothing in the log file to indicate otherwise.  I tried setting up
dhcrelay to listen on ppp0 and relay it to the IP of the ethernet card
on the DHCP server, however dhcrelay complained that it did not support
device type 512 of ppp0.  We are using ISC DHCP 4.  Is there any way to
respond to the DHCPINFORM messages generated by Windows on a PPP link?

Loren M. Lang
lorenl at north-winds.org

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