performance with 20000 classes; release a lease manually

stefan novak lms.brubaker at
Fri Jun 12 14:02:58 UTC 2009

> Are you wanting to assign a specific IP to a MAC for some reason or are you just wanting the IP to not change over time?

This is a feature for our customers. We have many (business)customers
with mailservers, webservers, vpn or stuff like that. Binding the host
(client) seams to be not the solution, because when a customer wants
to change his router he needs a support call :(

>There are many ways to peel an orange.  You may want to investigate
>spawning subclasses with lease limits rather than specifically
>allocating a specific pool for every customer (one pool with many
>subclasses versus many classes and many pools).

The limit on client IP's isn't the problem, i can do that wirh max_cpe
on the cable modem. I just want fixed ip addresses on cable modem mac.
somthing like:

host { match if option agent.remote-id = 01:A4:05:14:d3:e1;
fixed-address; }

would be very nice.
the solution with classes and pools seams to work, but i know it isnt
the right way to be scaleable for many customers :/

the only way to split the customers to many seams also not the solution.

i've also tried the ldap patch for dhcpd, but there only the host
table can be dynamic...

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