Supported format for Client Identifier.

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how to set the IAID & DUID field in ISC DHCP CLIENT?


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Does this mean ISC DHCP server supports RFC 4361 format and when the
client send the Option 61 with RFC 2132 format the Server supports the
option ??
if it so what happens in the scenario of client sending the option 61 in
RFC 4361 format and the server supports only RFC 2132 ??

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 1:24 AM, Ted Lemon <Ted.Lemon at>

	On Jun 16, 2009, at 5:39 AM, pat wrote:

		Since RFC4361 supersedes RFC2132, is it safe to ask
Redback to implement it using the format specified in RFC 4361?

	Nothing is ever perfectly safe, but the RFC4361 client
identifier format is backwards-compatible with RFC2132, so it would take
a very, very broken implementation to choke on it.
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