ignoring specific hosts by MAC address

Jarrett Lee jalee at valdosta.edu
Mon Jun 29 22:44:14 UTC 2009

I have known, for many years, how to "deny all, allow some" with  
regard to answering DHCP requests. I now find myself in the exact  
opposite situation.

I need dhcpd to ignore requests from certain MAC addresses but answer  
everything else and give it an address. Is there even a way to do  
this, and if so, how?

The dhcpd version is not known, but I assume it to be a fairly recent  
version. If it helps, the version is that which is included in VMware  
Fusion 2.0.4 to give addresses to NATed or host-only VMs.

I have skimmed through the man pages and various general documentation  
sources and have performed a few google searches, but I have found  
nothing so far. Perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms?


Jarrett Lee
Valdosta State University
Division of Information Technology
E-mail: jalee at valdosta.edu

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