failover with active / standby configuration

Daniel Duarte dan.r.duarte at
Mon Mar 2 17:37:24 UTC 2009


I would like to use the failover protocol, on an active / standby way. One
of the servers would be "master", and the other "slave". The slave would
just be waiting for the master to fail, to take control.

I've seen some posts related to this. I believe I could accomplish it by
setting the split option to 0 or 256, but I haven't found a clear answer to
this question:

1. If the two servers split the pools between them, when I configure 0 or
255, would all the IP addresses of the pools be allocated to only one
server? If so, when the first server dies, does the slave have free IP
address of its own to allocate to new clients?

2. Is there any known disadvantage with this configuration? I'm using
version 3.0.1.

Daniel Duarte
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