host-identifier with IPv6

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at
Mon Mar 2 19:51:22 UTC 2009

> For this application, presumably each device in the box is listed on  
> the sticker, right?   So just enter the data for both devices, and  
> associate them both with the same box.   Now you can match the DUID  
> information to the box based on either identifier.

Hi David,

Regardless of what the official position is, some of us using the ISC dhcpd, need a means of selecting a host declaration based on part of the DUID.  I don't want to get into whether this is the 'right-thing' to do or not. In order to make any sort of progress with our IPv6 roll-out, I cannot see any other alternative.  You indicated in an earlier post that it would be possible to either make 'hardware-address' work or expose the hardware-address in a DHUID-L or -LLT.  I have no problems with this functionality only working with a cmdline switch or a 'special option'.  Any idea as to when such functionality could become available ?


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