host-identifier with IPv6

David Farmer farmer at
Tue Mar 3 07:15:46 UTC 2009

On 2 Mar 2009 David W. Hankins wrote:

> Looking at this problem from another angle, how would you feel about
> assigning an IPv6 address to any client seen on a given switch port?  

Actually, I would like to have this kind of option in the future.  
Cisco has recently added a feature they call "DHCP Server 
Port-Based Address Allocation."  I assume this is the kind of 
behavior you are referring to.  Assuming it is, then as long as it 
would work for both IPv4 and IPv6 then maybe someday I'd go 
there.  So please do implement this kind of behavior 
eventually, but it is not real high on my list of this your should 
be working on right now.

This is an easy way to manage the association of an IP 
address with a physical location. This can be especially 
important for things like E911.  But, it is a completely different 
way to manage a network.

However, doing this for IPv6 if your not already managing IPv4 
this way, seems like you are raising a barrier to IPv6 
deployment.  And we have enough of those already. 

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