host-identifier with IPv6

Sten Carlsen sten at
Wed Mar 4 08:46:58 UTC 2009

As far as I can see, this statement :
>> It may be the case that the DUID was generated using and now refers to
>> a hardware address that is no longer present, or indeed is now present
>> on a different machine.
is contradicting the next one:
>> 2. Classifying a physical hardware device as belonging to a specific
>> group for the purposes of automated deployment mechanisms.  i.e. read
>> MAC address off label and assign it as being a "Computer Science PXE
>> boot" vs. "Electrical Engineering PXE boot".  (Hint: recording the
>> DUID generated by the Operating System doesn't work if there is no OS
>> yet, or if the OS is cloned or otherwise wiped and reinstalled.)
> Right, but this one is even easier - just peek into the DUID and get
> the Mac address out of it, and match it to whichever network interface
> was used to generate the DUID, which will be in your database, since
> you're scanning all the Mac addresses on all the devices.   You don't
> need a protocol change to make this work, except perhaps permission to
> peek inside the DUID, if you don't by my argument that it's okay to do
> so in the use case you're presenting.
I don't see you have solved this situation?

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