host-identifier with IPv6

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Wed Mar 4 19:49:02 UTC 2009

On Wed, Mar 04, 2009 at 12:22:37PM -0700, Ted Lemon wrote:
> Here are the tools available to you:
> 1. you can scan Mac addresses off of machines as they arrive on the  
> shipping dock and keep them in a database
> 2. you can look in your ND tables to map Mac addresses to IP addresses, 
> and then map the IP address back to the DUID
> 3. you can pick apart the DUID and that may give you a Mac address
> 4. you can have users register their machines
> 5. you can begin the lengthy process of changing the protocol, which may 
> pay dividends inside a decade if you are lucky.
> Now, given this set of tools that's available to you, can you cobble  
> together a solution using choices 1 through 4 together?   Or is waiting a 
> decade for your protocol mod to happen really your best choice?
> As far as I know, there are no additional choices.   E.g., the choice of 
> having the Mac address in the DHCPv6 packet starting today is not  
> available, not because I or anyone else at IETF doesn't want you to have 
> it, but because we don't have the power to give it to you.

6. We can do #1-4 in parallel with starting #5 today so we can rip out 
such hacks as #3 in the future when #5 is ready.

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