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Gary Masson massong at
Sat Mar 7 12:11:16 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

I've been trying to use dhcperf for a while now but I'm getting strange

I've tried running the software under Solaris 10 as well as Ubuntu (by using
the Redhat RPM's and converting them to debian packages to install it).

The issue is that I am getting extremely poor performance against the DHCP
servers I test.

In the first case, I have an isc 3.1.0 server running on a Sun 240 (about 5
year old hardware - yes not the most bleeding edge machine....).

Using dhcperf against this system when I do a single discover test it works

When trying to use the '--discover' option for load testing I am unable to
get a high water mark above 2 leases / second and the renew test for 120s at
1 lease / second results in some failed leases.  Also - the solaris version
of dhcperf reports that my server is to unstable to test (the linux version
does not report this message but still has the saeme poor results).

For fun, I tried to run the linux version of the tool against a linksys
wrt54g router using Tomato firmware.  This also only gives me a high water
mark of 2 leases / second with some leases failing at 1 lease / second when
dhcperf tries to do the load test.

I realize the linksys is very low end hardware and is not going to give me
stellar results, and my sun 240 is old hardare... but these numbers make no
sense to me, they are just to low based on some of the #s I've seen in the
past mention on the list (leases / second in the hundreds range)

Is there some special configuration I should do on the client or server side
to make dhcperf run better?

The basic command I'm running is just:
dhcperf --discover --server (or whatever the dhcp server's IP is
of course)

Thanks very much - if you have ANY ideas please share them with me, I need


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