DHCPv6 host-identifier, the Never Ending Thread: A Summary

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On Mar 9, 2009, at 9:10 PM, Frank Sweetser wrote:

> John Jason Brzozowski wrote:
>> Frank, et al,
>> I planned on participating in the 160+ email thread but got tied up.
>> For what it is worth as someone leading a large IPv6 effort where,  
>> as you stated below, MAC addresses are leveraged extensively I can  
>> tell you how I handled this issue.
> Glad to hear from someone else with the same problem =)
[jjmb] As we have seen from the threads it seems there are quite a few  
folks that also have this challenge.
>> When we specified the use of DHCPv6 in DOCSIS 3.0 we of course  
>> leveraged vendor information options.  In these options as you will  
>> see if you read the DOCSIS specifications we made provisions to  
>> carry the MAC address of the device that adheres to this  
>> specification.  This is one part of the equation.  I also had to  
>> make sure that the necessary back office systems, DHCP for example,  
>> account for the presence of these options to support the deployment.
> This looks pretty similar to what we're trying to enable here.  If  
> I'm reading the DOCSIS specs right, the option there assumes  
> ethernet, so doesn't include provisions for a link type or length,  
> though, so it would make more sense to define a new option for this.
[jjmb] As we discussed in other threads, this could be defined in a  
number of ways.  If you work on a DOCSIS network, I suspect the DOCSIS  
specifications will work for you.  If you do not perhaps a vendor  
specific option or one of the other alternatives.
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