Solaris 10 x86 build error

Mr. Jan Walter hopping_hol at
Thu Mar 12 13:26:45 UTC 2009


Sorry to disappoint. I asked this on the dhcp-hackers list and got beyond the 'read the output, idiot' comments, but for some reason the patch didn't work out. In my ample free (yeah, right) time I plan to look at this.

DHCP3 puts files all over the file system, with no documentation to have its behavior too, so that's out for me as well.



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Is there any solution to this issue?
USE_SOCKETS does not work here, because USE_DLPI is defined in
config.h. If I uncomment it there, the linking fails because
get_hw_addr is not known, which would require DLPI. get_hw_addr does
not seem to exist in 3.x. That is how far I was able to follow.

Any help would be appreciated.



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