What does 'add "classname"' really do?

Dario Aguilar daguilar at arnet.net.ar
Wed Mar 18 12:45:46 UTC 2009

Hi, I have a doubt.. maybe it´s a stupid question but why you need to add
"1:" before the mac address when it is defined as a subclass? Some similar
thing happends to me with circuit-ID definition that I need to remove the
first 2 octects to make it match well.


Dario Aguilar.

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Glenn Satchell schrieb:
> Hi Goesta
> You can simplify this by getting rid of the host statement all
> together, the 'allow members of' statement specifically excludes all
> requests that are not members of that class including known or unknown
> hosts, eg:
> class "mammals" {
>   match hardware;
> }
> subclass "mammals" 1:00:50:56:00:00:01;

Well, this seems to be exactly what i wanted, except for one thing: I
need to supply the hostname to the client. Client OS is set up
automatically by FAI, which uses DHCP info to determine the hostname of
the client, which subsequently decides about software and config installed.

So my Problem is only partially solved yet ;-) I now am able to assign
hosts to pools and groups, at the cost of specifying the MAC twice.

Almost there ;-)



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