DHCP Configuration

John Hascall john at iastate.edu
Tue Mar 24 00:34:08 UTC 2009

> During the last several days, I have read untold amounts of literature about 
DHCP configuration and I have yet to find the answer to three basic and related
 questions:  (1)on a system that has two nics installed, eth0 and eth1, which n
ic should the dhcp server be bound to, in other words, which nic will dhcp list
en on?  (2)how do you bind the listening nic to dhcpd?  and (3)which nic should
 be set to broadcast responses?  Thanks

To which ever interface(s) you expect to receive DHCP requests upon.
You specify the interfaces on dhcpd's command line:

    /path/to/dhcpd [args]... eth0 eth1

if you omit them, it uses all (broadcast-capable) ones it finds.

You also need to configure an appropriate subnet in your dhcpd.conf.
For example if ethX has address, something like:

subnet netmask {


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