Isolate DHCP Leases

Mon Mar 30 02:30:30 UTC 2009

Hi Dave,
If I under stand you want to isolate the clients from each other?  If
this is correct, I don't believe you can do this via DHCP if the clients
are all on the same network / vlan.  I think the proper way to do this
is isolate each port on your switch in a different vlan and switching is
handled on the router / software side, similar to how wireless is
handled.  This however does not scale as well and requires managed
switches and trunking to your router.
I did find this q on Google
831  basically says the same thing.
hope this helps,


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	Is there any way I can isolate dhcp leases without sub-netting
my networks...

	Basically I don't want users to have access to each other's pc's
but I don't want to subnet the ip's and loose 4 ip's for each client..


	Setting the subnet mask to works, but some pc's
/ routers don't like it..

	Anyone else have any other ideas?


	Kind Regards,

	Dave N.


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