dhcp option 226 and 227

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Tue Mar 31 04:41:27 UTC 2009

>Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 18:43:10 -0400
>From: dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us
>To: dhcp-users at lists.isc.org
>Subject: dhcp option 226 and 227
>Im trying to figure out how to add options 226 and 227 to my dhcp  
>server.  I have not
>been able to find much about this through google.  Has anyone  
>implemented these options
>for their dhcp server?  I added the following to my dhcpd.conf (main file)
>option option-226 code 226 = array of integer 8;
>option option-227 code 227 = ip-address;
>         option option-226               10,40,0,29;
>         option option-227     ;
>Im not sure what the array of integer 8 is at all, but the only  
>example I could find had
>that in the main options area.

Hi Dwayne

See the dhcp-options man page, in particular the section titled
"DEFINING NEW OPTIONS" for the syntax. The values and types you use
will depend on what the client is expecting. This should be spelled out
by the client documentation.


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