Cisco AP's with Option 43

Fri May 15 18:04:21 UTC 2009

This may be me doing something boneheaded but I'm a little frustrated at
the moment so not seeing it.  I am trying to get my dhcp servers to send
2 different models of cisco access points to 2 different wireless
controllers depending on the model the ap is with option 43.  I used the
cisco recommended linux setup (ubuntu hardy lts), but when I run
wireshark to test it my dhcp server isn't sending option 43 at all.
Using the sniffer I checked that the 1142 ap is sending "Cisco AP c1140"
in the dhcp request and it is.
Can anyone tell what I did wrong here?  I have multiple ap subnets that
are setup the same so I just included the one below.  If any more
information is needed please let me know. 
option space Cisco_LWAPP_AP;
option Cisco_LWAPP_AP.server-address code 43 = string;
max-lease-time 72000;
default-lease-time 28800;
ddns-update-style none;
ignore client-updates;
# Wireless AP's
subnet netmask
option routers;
max-lease-time 300000;
default-lease-time 259200;
class "Airespace.AP1200" {
 match if option vendor-class-identifier = "Airespace.AP1200";
 option vendor-class-identifier "Airespace 1200";
 vendor-option-space Cisco_LWAPP_AP;
 option Cisco_LWAPP_AP.server-address f1:04:0A:01:03:02; }
class "Cisco AP c1140" {
 match if option vendor-class-identifier = "Cisco AP c1140";
 option vendor-class-identifier "Cisco AP c1140";
 vendor-option-space Cisco_LWAPP_AP;
 option Cisco_LWAPP_AP.server-address f1:04:0A:01:05:84; }
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