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Mon May 18 13:36:57 UTC 2009

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> Pavel Mlãoch wrote:
> >  I've problem with migrate our configuration
> >from reserved ip address into failover
> >configuration. Is possible to solve it?
> If you stick with your host statements and
> fixed-addresses then you don't need to do
> anything - just define the same host statement on
> both servers as you don't need failover for that.
> If you want to do away with the host statements
> and used reserved leases, then you need to create
> a leas in the leases file and then manually mark
> it as reserved. AFAIK, the only way to do that at
> the moment is to manually edit the leases file,
> which should only be done with the DHCP service
> shut down.

I don't know if I understand right. When I mark leases by adding line "reserved;" is the same as fixed-address?
Isn't possible use omshell for this change on running server?

> PS - it's not clear from your config, but it
> looked like you have host statements inside a
> subnet declaration. This is strongly discouraged
> as it can give some strange effects.
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