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So Simon can i take it as ISC DHCP is RFC 2131 and RFC 4361 Complaint and
currently does not cmply to RFC 3993


On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk>wrote:

> parthiban Thiyagarajakumar wrote:
>>        Need some information about the capabilities of DHCP servers as per
>> the following.
>>      DHCP servers typically allocate IP address based on the MAC address
>> in the chaddr field. However, RFC 4361 (which updates RFC 2131), specifies
>> support for the Client ID option (which can be populated with the NAI).The
>> question is : If the client ID option is present, will the DHCP server use
>> that to allocate IP address?
> For the ISC server, yes it does. For other servers you'll have to ask in
> appropriate other places.
> RFC 3993: Subscriber ID option.  NWG stage 3 references this RFC. The RFC
>> itself says the following for DHCP server.
>> DHCP Server Behavior
>> This suboption provides additional information to the DHCP server. If it
>> is configured to support this option, the DHCP server may use this
>> information in addition to other relay agent option data and other options
>> included in the DHCP client messages in order to assign an IP address and/or
>> other configuration parameters to the client. There is no special additional
>> processing for this suboption.
> With a 'simple' config, the ISC server uses the ClientID (or if ClientID is
> not present, Client MAC address) for address assignment. There are some
> configs that can force different behavior (with some limitations).
> Regardless of address assignment, there are facilities for assigning
> different option based on admin specified criteria.
> On the roadmap, but not implemented, is a config option to override the
> default behavior. That should allow address assignment based on arbitrary
> criteria (such as network switch port).
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