Lease state gratuitously set to FREE when using omshell/OMAPI

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at
Wed May 20 08:52:45 UTC 2009


I'm running ISC DHCP 3.1.0 dhcpd, and need to perform housekeeping
on a number of old never-ending leases acquired by BOOTP clients.
I've chosen to reset the lease end to 25 hours out instead of 'never'.
I've patched omapi.c to allow setting lease end, using a fragment
taken from the 4.0 copy of the code.

I've avoided upgrading to 3.1.2 on the 'not broken, don't fix'
principle.  Default behaviour of 4.x is so different that startup
scripts and provisioning have to be reviewed -- PITA.


Before you ask, I've looked in the release notes for 3.1.2, and
not found anything which looks relevant.

Using the following sequence of omshell commands, I'm seeing the
lease state unexpectedly set to 'free' instead of being left
as it was.

	key blah whatsit
	new lease
	set ip-address whatever
	  state shows as 00:00:00:02 (active)

	set ends xx:xx:xx:xx

	  state now shows as 00:00:00:01 (free)

Inspection of the leases file shows a stanza has been added with the
desired end time and the undesired state 'free'.

If I've missed something, I'll appreciate a pointer.
Otherwise, I'll follow up to the bugs mailbox soon.


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