Get MAC from DUID

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Wed May 20 09:09:54 UTC 2009


* On 20.05.2009 10:44, roddy1986 wrote:
>  I have a puzzle. I want to get the mac address from the DUID.
Please, please forget this. There is absolutely no neccessity of the MAC
being part of the DUID. Actually there are 3 different ways of
generating the DUID, one of which does not involve the MAC at all.

If I remember correctly, Windows Vista does generate completely random
DUIDs, too.

I would suggest you to wait until MAC matching is integrated for DHCPv6,
too. There are some efforts towards this, although it has not yet been

However, as being mentioned, there is no guarantee that the DUID does
include the MAC, so any messing around with extracting the MAC out of
the DUID is not worth the effort and could cause servere confusion.

Best regards,

Mihai Moldovan

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