Ipv6 status code question with no prefix pool

fx.lebail at yahoo.com fx.lebail at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 12:49:34 UTC 2009


Doing some IPv6 tests with dhcp-4.1.1b1 dhcpd, I try the use case where the client is requesting a delegated prefix and the server has no prefix pool. 

The server write "Unable to pick client prefix: no IPv6 prefix pools on this shared network" as expected.

The DHCP Advertise message give a "Status code (13)" : NoAddrAvail (2).
I expected : NoPrefixAvail (6).

Why not "NoPrefixAvail" ?

Francois-Xavier Le Bail

User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: dhcpv6-server (547), Dst Port: dhcpv6-client (546)
    Message type: Advertise (2)
    Transaction-ID: 0x00aa298e
    Client Identifier
    Server Identifier
    Status code
        option type: 13
        option length: 44
        Status Code: NoAddrAvail (2)
        Status Message: No addresses available for this interface.


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