To add some filter rules in conf file

Ashmath Khan at
Mon Nov 2 13:38:39 UTC 2009

>   I tried this:
>> pool {                                                           option
>> time-offset -12345;                                       option
>> netbios-name-servers;                         option
>> time-servers,;                       option host-name
>> "<>";
>>  range;        range;
>>       range;       allow members of "rule1";
>>            }
>> dhcpd assigns, looks like the two above range statements are
>> overidden. So to me it looks like the trick is not working.
> More likely your class matching isn't working as you'd expected. I can't
> comment since we haven't seen your config. Most likely the client is
> matching class "rule1".

It does match, i have tried this without multiple range statements. The
match is for this rule, but when I use multiple range statements, it uses
the third range statement from 3.

> PS - you could help yourself by making your config easier to read with
> appropriate indentation, eg :
> it could be copy past problem. I do have proper indentation.

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