To add some filter rules in conf file

Ashmath Khan at
Thu Nov 5 15:08:46 UTC 2009

I tried this:
class "rule3"

match if option vendor-class-identifier ~= ".*" and not (option
vendor-class-identifier ~= ".*MSFT.*") and not (not exists
vendor-class-identifier) and not (option nwip-domain ~= "str.?");

This doesn't work. It should have assigned a lease. vendor-class-identifier
has data "NSFT5.0".
There is no option sent nwip-domain in discover packet. And when I remove
this from match, it works!
[~= is for regular expressions ]

what could be the issue here ? This was working fine when I used substring,
but with RE, it doesn't seem to work. Looks like the option which is not
present, the RE doesn't apply. But again its confusing because:
class "rule2"

match if option nwip-domain ~= "str.?" and not (option
vendor-class-identifier ~= ".*MSFT.*") and not (not exists
This works meaning there is no lease assigned from this pool. It means the
first RE evaluated to 'false'. And so 'not (option nwip-domain ~= "str.?")'
should evaluate to true.

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