Assign Fix IP by Option 82

Jerimiah Cole jcole at
Fri Nov 13 17:34:50 UTC 2009

Billy Ng wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'd like to configure the DHCP server (4.1.0p1) to assign fix IP to the 
> client by "option 82" with following info:
> Would you please kindly advise how to configure the server in dhcp.conf? 
> Many thanks.

This is rougly accomplished by assigning the client to a class and than
permitting only that class in a small pool.  My configs look like:

class "test-01-03-07" {
  match if option agent.circuit-id = "test-01-03/Ethernet7:Vlan2";
pool {
  allow members of "test-01-03-07";
  deny dynamic bootp clients;

You would adjust the match statement to meet your specific needs.

Keep in mind that this breaks if the client's UID (typically the MAC
address) ever changes.

There are many other examples in the archives.


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