Access Control

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Nov 18 15:00:17 UTC 2009

donovan jeffrey j wrote:

>how do I setup access control in dhcpd? I have a MAC address that I 
>want to deny lease to. I'm not sure how to specify the deny 
>somewhere in here I need to Deny lease to 00:00:00:12:34:5f

host bad-host-1 {
   harware ethernet 00:00:00:12:34:5f ;
   deny booting ;

If you have a few, then you can put them in a group like this :

group {
   deny booting ;
   host bad-host-1 { harware ethernet 00:00:00:12:34:5f ; }
   host ...
   host ...

'deny' will result in log messages, if you want it to be silent, then 
use 'ignore' instead.

But don't forget, this is NOT security - someone can easily configure 
a client by other means.

Simon Hobson

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