Passing Interface Name to Event Script

Rick Solotke RSolotke at
Wed Nov 18 19:05:40 UTC 2009

Hi Glenn,

>What if you set up separate subnets on each interface?

>Then the dhcpd subnet allocation would work automatically without the
>host routes. This would also stop other devices broadcast traffic, and
>on the whole would simplify the networking I think. The subnets would
>only need to cater for a very small number of hosts (like a /30). Give
>each device a static route pointing back to the router interface...

This would work if the over-simplified description I have given was the
complete system.  However, it's not.  :)  Let's just say that for
out-of-band reasons, the devices attached to the router MUST be on the
same subnet.  The devices are actually bridges to an entirely different
(and non-standard) kind of network, and the external relationships
between them mandates that they all belong to the same IP subnet.

Thanks for the suggestion though.


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